How to Fill Piping Bags


  • Before filling a piping bag with frosting, make sure that you place a piping tip on the bottom of the piping bag first.
  • Afterward, snip off the end of the bag so frosting can flow out.
  • However, be careful not to cut too much of the piping tip off. Otherwise, the piping tip will slip out.
  • To fill a piping bag, use a drinking glass to hold the piping bag. Fold the top half of the piping bag downward so it is easier to scoop frosting inside the piping bag.
  • Only fill the piping bag 2/3 of the way to prevent a ‘frosting volcano explosion’.
  • To remove air bubbles from inside the piping bag, place it on a counter top and press the frosting toward the piping tip.
  • Use a piping bag tie to seal the piping bag.

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